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Hear Better In One Hour

In last month's blog post, we discussed what to expect during your hearing test.  But what happens afterwards?  Is it like an x-ray, MRI or blood work where you have to wait for the results to be sent to your physician?

Absolutely not.  All of our hearing test appointments are scheduled to allow time for the testing and review of any results and recommendations the same day.  Following your hearing test, you and the audiologist will meet in her office to discuss the results.  She will explain your results to you, and what impact you can expect to see in your everyday life.

The audiologist will review things you can do to help keep your hearing stronger over time--strategies such as avoiding sources of loud noise or wearing earplugs and doing everything you can to keep the rest of your body healthy.  She may also recommend ways to improve your hearing, such as wearing hearing devices to improve your access to speech sounds in noisy environments.

If hearing aids are recommended to you, the audiologist will review styles and technology levels (hearing devices are not one size fits all).  She will have a specific recommendation for you based on your listening needs and your lifestyle.

Once you have decided on a type of listening technology, the audiologist will do an in-office demonstration for you so you have the opportunity to see what the devices look like and feel like in your ears.  To get the most out of your demonstration, bring a family member or friend to you appointment--someone whose voice is important for you to hear well.

After the demonstration, the audiologist will help you chose a color for your new device, and set up an appointment for you instrument fitting--as early as the next week in many cases.

Questions?  Give the office a call at (410) 672-1233 (Odenton) or (410) 672-1244 (Severna Park).