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New Hearing Aids: Now What?

At your first appointment, the audiologist reviewed your test results with you and recommended hearing devices.  You agreed, a color was chosen and a fitting appointment was scheduled for the following week.


At the fitting appointment, the audiologist will set the hearing devices to the prescription for your hearing levels using computer software.  She will ask you questions while you listen to help personalize the devices to the way your brain prefers to hear the sounds.  She will take some measurements to ensure a proper physical fit.

Once the hearing devices are set for you, she will teach you how to use them properly.  The audiologist will teach you how to tell left from right, how to properly insert them in your ears, and how to take them out.  She will practice insertion and removal will you until you feel comfortable doing it independently.  She will teach you how to tell what type of batteries you need for your device, and how to change the batteries or recharge them if the batteries die.


After you've had your new devices for a couple of weeks, you’ll come back in to the office for a follow up visit.  At this appt, we will review the settings in your hearing devices and how well they have been working in your home environment.  Adjustments may be performed based on your feedback.  We will do hearing testing in the booth while you are wearing your new hearing devices.  During this visit, we will show you how to perform basic cleaning and maintenance on them at home.


A few months after your hearing aid purchase, you will return for a check up appointment.  At this point you are very used to your new devices and have had the opportunity to wear them in a variety of environments and different listening situations.  Your brain has had the opportunity to adapt to many new sounds.  Some minor adjustments may be performed at this appointment.  The hearing aids will be professionally checked and cleaned.


For the lifetime of your hearing aids, you will be seen every six months for a check and cleaning.  At this appointment, the audiologist will look in your ears to check for wax or signs of infection.  The hearing aids will be cleaned and checked, and any domes or wax filters will be changed.


Periodically (every 1-2 years, depending on your individual needs) a repeat hearing test will be performed to determine if your hearing levels are stable or changing, and if adjustments are necessary to ensure your hearing devices are still meeting your needs.

Questions? Give the office a call at (410) 672-1233 (Odenton), (410) 672-1244 (Severna Park) or (410) 956-2555 (Edgewater).